Panel Fastening System

Nut Plate


A panel fastening system is only as good as the ease of installation, maintenance and quality of product. Enduralock’s self aligning nut plate is a leap beyond existing systems. 

  • Aerospace access panels have numerous bolts attached to the panel.
  • Attachment of the panel requires alignment of multiple panel bolts to nut plates attached to the substructure.
  • Current nut plates only allow for radial movement (side to side) of the nut in the nut plate and not “tipping” of the nut element.
  • Off-axis bolts do not engage.
  • Significant problem for large panels, such as on the B-52 bomber
  • Enduralock Self-Aligning Nut Plate
  • Off-axis bolts engage the nut element of the nut plate due to the axially spring-loaded nut element
  • Significant decrease in the time and cost of installation and maintenance
  • Allows for fixed position retaining ring on the bolt
  • Reduces the chance of Foreign Object Debris
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